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There is something mystical in looking or touching artifacts that resemble tools used by heroes long ages ago, the objects that are not available at retail chains with decorative products. At Globalreplicas, Polish online store offering extraordinary props from many different time periods, every history lover will find something that will the owner to the past. From historical clothing, goblets, pendants, crowns and tiaras, through exquisite armors, impressive crossbows, muskets, cannons, to the replicas of modern survival equipment – the offer leaves nothing to be desired.

Remarkable custom Katana sword

As everybody knows or just forefeels, a sword is for a Samurai something more than just a weapon. Even not being one, the values like honor and having a soul companion, appeal to those who are aware of the responsibility they bear for their kinsmen, land and freedom. Thanks to the Japanese armorers' immeasurable knowledge and experience, Katana sword became a recognisable and highly-praised blade as early as the seventh century. Top models katanas are not only hardened the clay with water and fire, but also have a blade of 4 ply construction.

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