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Special Replicas is an online shop with replica weapons from many different time periods, but also movies, TV shows, books and games. Their collection includes also historically accurate military uniforms, armour and various other equipment used by the armies of the past. The customers are especially interested in Japanese katana swords, massive blades used by various medieval knightly orders, but also the large assortment of popular firearms. The shop offers attractive prices and ships their products worldwide.

Marvellous katana sword

A katana sword is a close combat weapon used by a military caste of medieval and feudal Japan, the samurai. Its single-edged blade is easily recognisable everywhere in the world and praised for its durability and sharpness. In the hands of an experienced warrior a katana sword was a deadly and terrifying weapon. Many modern collectors appreciate their distinctive appearance and the craftsmanship put into their creation. The customers of Special Replicas are able to buy many different Japanese blades and display them in their houses.

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