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London Sound Solutions Ltd - 158 Uxbridge Road | W13 8SB London | phone No.: +44 2082075121

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London Sound Solutions Ltd is a company operating in the United Kingdom, offering professional soundproofing services to individual and business clients alike. Besides transforming the rooms with a variety of materials to make them less susceptible to noises, they are also known as reliable music studio builders. They use the most technologically advanced solutions and components to ensure their efficiency. The details concerning their projects and the prices are discussed with each client individually.

Music studio builders

As professional music studio builders they had the chance to work with various artists and producers. They always strive to fulfil the client's expectations and introduce all the ideas he wanted to include in the final project. The first step of the cooperation includes carefully measuring the space and designing it following the commissioner's instructions. Later, the team has to pick the most suitable materials and components. The last step is their installation and the finishing works in the building that increase its functionality and appearance.

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