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Lybab AB - Förrådsvägen 4C | 181 41 Lidingö | phone No.: +46 0812132300

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If you are planning a new building or renovation of an older one, definitely get in touch with Lybab AB. The company is admired for its creativity and punctuality, but also a long experience in various construction works around Lidingö. Each craftsman is highly qualified and has an interesting portfolio to show off. You will be able to discuss every project with the contractor - establishing what kind of services you expect and the materials used, but also what do you want to achieve when it comes to its final look.

Qualified craftsman - Lidingö

You should not hesitate any moment longer if you want to work with an experienced and talented craftsman from Lidingö. The company employs ambitious and qualified people, able to meet even the most demanding requirements. Their creativity and eagerness in bringing various projects to life is especially valued by clients in the area. You can be sure they will be able to design and make custom furniture for your house, but also take care of a number of other details, like unconventional tile arrangements and charismatic interiors.


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