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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd - 48 Cotswold Road | SS0 8AB Essex | phone No.: +44 1702343228

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If you are looking for a trustworthy and quick company that takes care of shipping goods from Poland to the UK, definitely take a look at what Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd has in store for you and your business. Their team of qualified professionals takes care of logistics of every road transport, while their experienced drivers carry out even some very short-notice deliveries. The company’s success can be also attributed to an expanded fleet of vehicles, including many kinds of vans (sprinter, refrigerated, curtain-sided) and trucks alike.

Shipping from Poland to UK

The most important part of employing the company’s help in shipping from Poland to the UK is submitting the freight quote to make sure your delivery qualifies for the type of services they do. You can include any additional information and requests in the quote, like warehouse opening hours or the type of loading/unloading needed. Only by providing the company with the data that is completely truthful is a guarantee they will be able to ship the goods from Poland to the UK or the other way with no problem.


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