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SpawnScape is a recently re-launched server grasping the international community of RS enthusiasts. Both our experienced development team and extensive establishment have allowed us to prosper whilst retaining core values. Our primary objective is to maximise player gameplay by improving game functionalities.

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A brand new slayer system with an integrated slayer shop including new slayer monsters! Give us some feedback.


You've read correctly, we have brand new forum userbars. Here's an example:


We're hiring two new moderators to join our in-game team. If you would like to make an application, head over to the forums to tell us your story.

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Since our launch in 2009 with our 525 client, we have definitely developed and will continue to do so. The 525 client in 2009, obtained a hundred players online daily and was unarguably the major starting point for SpawnScape's prosperity. Post the 525, SpawnScape had a major client swift to a 614 and with that came popularity and absolute growth. It's estimated that from 2012-2013, SpawnScape obtained 300-350 players actively online on a daily basis. This enabled us to properly understand the needs and wishes of the pking community, which any player today can witness on the first visit.